"DevOps, AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Planeswalker who loves Python and likes to do Cloud Automation."

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Apeldoorn, NL

This is my ugly website for now! I'm working on my new site over here!

Who am I and do you want to get to know me?

I am an AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, Linux DevOps Engineer, Python developer, who is also pretty outdoorsy and a glorious tea drinker. I also have very cute dog, called Tyrfing. I currently work over at OGD ict-diensten, where I work primarily on cloud automation, specifically in the Amazon Web Services cloud. My work projects include administration and deployment of (virtual) Linux machines and Dockerized applications with AWS ECS and AWS EKS and creating new infrastructure with a Well-Architectured framework in mind.

I am a daily user of several linux distributions (Alpine, AmazonLinux, CentOS, Debian, RaspberryPi OS, etc..), but for my daily driver I use Arch Linux (btw).

Florian in short:

  • In love with Python <3 - Magic the Gathering noob - Mechanical Keyboard Fanatic - Fascinated with Norse Mythology - 3D-Printing Enthusiast - Ramen Noodle Soup Devourer
  • For my other interests, please take a look at the projects I've contributed too.


    I suck at frontend development.


  • AWS
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

  • Azure
  • MS Azure 900 (in progress)
  • MS Azure 104 (in progress)
  • MS Azure 400 (in progress)

  • Python
  • PCAP Python (in progress)
  • PCEP Python (in progress)
  • FAQ

    1. Q: What is 'Freyrsvin'?
    2. A: It translates into The Garden of Freyr, who is a Norse God (and also the name of my ✝ rabbit).